Overstep is a free to play shooter that is built around an ideology, rather than a once-decided game design document. Our aim is to provide an e-sports driven opportunity that includes all the fixes to typical issues with e-sports games. We strongly believe that one of the main challenges with competitive shooter games (and actually most other genres) is matchmaking. Hence the decision of making the game free to play, but still as high end as we're capable of delivering. This, if well marketed, allows a bigger player pool, compared to high priced shooters. So at any given moment there's someone else with the same level of skill, we can match you against.

The next mandatory goal for us is that the game is fun and provides something unique. In Overstep, gameplay dynamics change as abruptly and as unexpectedly as the climate itself, forcing the player to adapt or be scrapped. Overstep will be free to download and can be played without spending any money at all, however players will also be given the choice to buy certain in-game cosmetic products to change the visual appearance of their Plodders and weapons, or obtain certain items faster. Yes, we too think IAP strategies have gone too far and will give our best to implement a system that revolves around the gamers being able to support Overstep and get something neat in return. Overstep will never be pay-to-win, nor do we want you to grind like crazy.

As Gamecan, we want to provide the best possible experience for those who want to get into competitive and pro gaming, within the FPS space. To make sure the game will last and grow for a long time, we need to nail matchmaking and balance game mechanics. During and after that, it's all about listening to you!


The game takes place on the planet Elido, a world that is slowly being torn apart, and where the only way to survive on its surface is to not be alive in the first place.

"The Homo-Sapien race has nearly depleted all of earths natural resources and is now looking to go beyond the planet to find a way of sustaining themselves. After discovering a dark vortex that can take them to an unexplored sector of the universe (dubbed Sector 9), they find Elido, a planet with many similarities to their own, right down to its inhabitants which seem to have a similar evolutionary path (they called them Homo-Peregrinus). But the Sapiens did not come to negotiate; instead they have come to take. And so the Outer Earth War between the Sapiens and the Peregrinus has started."


  • Features of this game will be revealed in our Kickstarter campaign, Q4 2016.