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Posted on: 2015 August 20


Character Creation - Behind the scenes #3


Alexandru Modol – Concept artist of the Robots

My inspiration for overstep comes from exhaustion from conflict resolution, the hungry and vigilent sensation, and consequently how barbarism steals away all the opportunities. My top 3 favourite games of all times have been Darksiders, Castlevania lords of Shadow and Destiny respectively. I particularly enjoy the storyline and narration in these games. I aim to embrace all the characters in the game and derive take-away points that might be applicable to the design process for my models, and I do it either from the strategy or the story the game offers.

With my design, I particularly paid attention to conveying and portraying feelings of hunger, corosion, vigilence and inhumanity. The uniqueness of oversteps ploders are their empty abdominal areas. The message is: my hunger is deep as the abyss, I am worned out and have no life in me, but I am coming for you, like a nightmare forged from metal. I initiate the drafting process by conceptualizing and designing what the appearance of the robot, the message and vibes it aims to convey as a player and a future victim. I take into account the nature of its interaction including his movements and behaviour amongs its allies, as well as its enemies. Having completed the first phase, I move on to the second phase that mainly consists of frantic levels of dirty sketching. After a certain number of trivals, I arrive at the design that I seek. Once the dirty outsketch is complete, I clean up the sketch and give it a neat look, honoring the many trials that were performed earlier.

If I had the opportunity to work on any video game, it would be Journey. The simplicity , the communication without the use of words, the environment acompanied by the soundtrack are features that make this the ideal candidate for me to work on.

overstep robot concept art


Karan Dutt – Character Modeler/Texturer

I mainly get my inspiration from watching movies, cartoons, playing games, reading books and comics and also my surroundings. Additionally, I check out the works of other professional artists, particularly those whose works capture me internally. Consequently, I am driven to perform better at my work. I follow a lot of artists online and many of their works in movies and games have influenced me. Dominic Qwek, Rafael Grassetti, Vitaly Bulgarov, Josh Herman, Justin Goby Fields, Dan luvici, Vance Kovacs, Carlos Huante, Feng Zhu are some of the artists whose works have been a major source of motivation for me. I was also effected by a number of anime series in terms of designing my own characters.

Alexandru does a great job as a concept artist for the characters. I try to stick to being true while modeling them, even though every now and then I have to add a few modifications in order to provide some functionality, and I play around with the mechanical parts. The color scheme is kept basically in shades of gray to let the players be able to customize their character as they wish. For the materials and texturing, we sought worn out materials galvanized metal, scratched surfaces, and dented armors with bullet holes. This provides the desired look to the characters as if they have been waging wars between each other for a long time, which is considered authentic for games lore.

I come up with several drafts, and it only happens when I dont find some of the parts of the character fitting. In such cases, I draw up a few sketches on the paper and later on modify them on Zbrush. After that I check which design fits better with the particular model and then I add it to the final product. I have limitations on the number of sketches, since I am working on deadlines.

If I was given the opportunity to work on a few games, they would be Gears of war, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Crysis, GTA, Watchdogs, Last of Us, Uncharted, Dead space and so on. I am relatively new in the industry and Overstep is my first professional project bringing me one step closer to my dream. I am content for being part of a team working on an epic character and developing a high-end game. I enjoy my work.


Overstep playable character Vanguard


Christopher Parnian – Character Modeler

My inspiration comes from Alexandru Modol’s concept and some photos from Terminator movie. Apart from that, I am a big fan of high tech and high detailed robots, and some sci-fi stuff to a certain extend. I am also influenced by Marat Arsalanov, Vitaly Bulgarov, and Nick Govacko, some great artists of whom quality of works I desire to reach.

I dont usually make several sketches before the final product comes out. I aim to be done with 70% of the design on mind and then complete the work on 3D Modeling.

If I could work in the production of some video games, they would be Gear of War, Call of Duty, Modern warfare, Crysis, Mass Effect, Assassin's creed, simply because I am impressed by the stunning character designs and the storytelling of the games.

Overstep character customizations