Post by: Marten

Posted on: 2016 August 29


Overstep - Summer Update

Summer 2016 has been a great one for Overstep and the team. We started the summer with a successful funding campaign on the platform Fundwise. That was the perfect boost and gave everyone extra energy for the intense months ahead of us. Since then there has been additions to the team, changes in the office and of course lightning speed in development.  

Our team and office transformation started when Gamecan's CMO Batuhan moved to Pärnu. Even though technology makes it possible to work in a team from all over the world, human contact tops it all. In addition to Batuhan, our 3D modeler Karan arrived in Pärnu on the 25th of August. As we are a starting indie team, it's cool to see the team coming together.   

 Since the team in Pärnu was getting bigger, we decided to properly set up our office. Meaning move to our designated room. At the moment we are settled in a room big enough to fit everyone locally working here. Just a couple of tables and a lot of computers/laptops, but the atmosphere here while everyone is working, is really awesome. If you want to see what's happening in the office, check our Twitter. Inside stories appear there every once in a while. The office vibes are real and we can't wait to get to work every day.    


In July the team was joined by Grant Egglestone, who is the Lead Game Designer in Overstep. Grant came into the team with a lot of industry experience. His portfolio includes the LittleBigPlanet games and most recently he worked as the Senior Level Designer (Social Point) on DragonLand for iOS/Android. Grant's next goal was to work on an FPS, so when he found Marten's (CEO of Gamecan) job offer for the Lead Game Designer position, it was a perfect match. We are definitely excited to have Grant in the team! Here's a link to his profile: www.grantegglestone.com  

You're probably thinking – the team and office are cool and all, but tell us where is the game. The development speed has really gone up after our first round of funding. Being able to put more of our time into this project means constant improvements to the game and that really motivates everyone to work even harder. Our goal is to release a fun, competitive game, but doing that as an indie team, and we believe most indie teams would agree, takes time. We are willing to take our time, if that means a better game. With that said, we are super excited for the next couple of months and can't wait to share everything with you.  

 As of now we are focusing more on our website, so definitely keep an eye on it. Updates are coming in frequently, which means more and more insights about the development and the game itself. In the meanwhile stay connected with us through our social media channels. We love chatting with you guys and getting to know you, just as you are getting to know us.