Post by: Marten

Posted on: 2017 October 25


A sports game with shooter mechanics

I believe it's time to break the silence after a while. For some time already, Gamecan has been in development mode and we've kinda forgotten the marketing/PR department. So here I am with an update of what's going on and where we're headed. -Marten, CEO

As you might know, we launched a Kickstarer campaign at the end of 2016. Oh were we naive or yes. In short, free-to-play games don't get cash on KS. The few exceptions had some magic help, supposedly. Merlin, maybe. So we canceled it and regrouped. Most importantly, the thought of giving up never crossed our minds. Instead, we talked with pro gamers, casual gamers and our friends about Overstep. Got some golden feedback. In the same time, another part of the team did heavy research on esports. Who has the player pools, why, how do they keep them, how have they done matchmaking and balancing. Literally every piece of information that's out there. And now, the game has changed. It's a sports game with shooter mechanics. Not the other way around.

What else? We have networked our hips off and are happy to announce that Peter Vesterbacka, the man behind the success of Angry Birds, has joined our team as the branding advisor. From his genius mind, a unique idea has already sprouted. Need some more time to work on the details, but we are borderline confident it has never been done in the gaming industry.

There's something else I decided. To make these blog posts happen more often, I will write them like I'm writing to a friend. When you need to make your posts jump through flaming hoops of editing, political correctness and all that, it takes a ton of time.
What now? The team keeps on working on the game and I keep on working on securing an investment. Going to Slush in the end of November and preparing a fresh pitch deck for it. Here's a page from it.