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12. Spill the Beans

Welcome back to Spill the Beans. One question, the whole team answers – every Thursday.

If video games didn’t exist anymore, what would you do?

Aidan, Producer:
I’d probably be rather bored and do more gardening or programming.

Mattias, Graphic Artist:
I would finish Overstep so it can be the first one.

Maret, Marketing Ninja:
Design table-top games; produce movies; open a photo studio; start a business profiting from all the bored people in the world, who knows..

Flavio, CTO :
I could try having something they call “social life”, but I would be scared.

Batuhan, CMO:
More table-top games. Destroy friendships in Monopoly for example.

Marten, CEO:
Boardgames. AI companion drone. Hoverboard. AR lenses. Hookah lounge. Expand my dance studio into all elements of the hip-hop culture.

Iain, Game Designer:
– Go for a run along the beach.
– Skim stones across a Scottish loch.
– Self-destruct from unattainable success, spiralling into a loop of despair and substance abuse, forever haunted by existential dread.
– Get an ice-cream at the park.

Sto, Sound Engineer:
It’d bury myself in studio recording work, pick up a sport, live a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet, stuff like that.
ᵢ’ₘ ⱼᵤₛₜ ₖᵢ𝒹𝒹ᵢₙ𝓰, ᵢ’𝒹 ₘₒᵣₑ ₜₕₐₙ ₗᵢₖₑₗᵧ ₖᵢₗₗ ₘᵧₛₑₗ𝒻

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