31. Spill the Beans

Welcome back to Spill the Beans. One question, the whole team answers – every Thursday.

What is your New Year’s resolution for 2020?

Aidan, Producer:
To take better care of myself.

Mattias, Graphic Artist:
This year I’ll explore new hobbies, starting with drone racing.

Maret, Marketing Ninja:
Hike more around Estonia.

Flavio, CTO :
My new year’s resolution is: 4k with RTX ON

Batuhan, CMO:
Focus on health big time.

Marten, CEO:
To read more books.

Iain, Game Designer:
No more dabbing.

Sto, Sound Engineer:
Same as everyone, and same as every year for the past 10 years: Lose some weight, quit drinking/smoking.

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