45. Spill the Beans

Welcome back to Spill the Beans. One question, the whole team answers – every Thursday.

What’s one item you want to own that you don’t?

Mattias, Graphic Artist:
Tesla Cybertruck

Maret, Marketing Ninja:
Nintendo Switch

Flavio, CTO :
Lamborghini Vision GT

Batuhan, CMO:
Gym weights

Marten, CEO:
Hololens 2!

Bury, COO:
The item I dreamed of having is a remote to control time.

Iain, Game Designer:
A hoverboard from Back to the Future. 2015 has been and passed and I am filled with disappointment.

Margus, Audio Engineer:
Nuraphone headphones

Ricardo, Programmer:
The Magic lamp with a genie to get 3 wishes.

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