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9. Spill the Beans

Welcome back to Spill the Beans. One question, the whole team answers – every Thursday.

What has been your proudest moment?

Aidan, Producer:
My sister (4) caught her finger in a sprung metal chair, so me (10) tried to get help but nobody was noticing me, i managed to rescue her and treat her wound alone. Eventually got her to the hospital and she was alright.

Mattias, Graphic Artist:
When Peter Vesterbacka said that my designed logo is cool.

Maret, Marketing Ninja:
When one of the biggest cinematographers from my country said that my photographs are really good. Was floating for awhile after that.

Flavio, CTO :
I had a computer monitor burned from an electric discharge once. I was able to rebuild the electronics of it by researching on Youtube how it works. The moment I turned it on and it worked was my proudest moment.

Batuhan, CMO:
I am the proudest whenever I win. Latest, when Overstep team won 2 awards from Game Dev Days in Tallinn.

Marten, CEO:
I guess if I can’t recall one immediately, I shouldn’t force it? I’m proud that I get to experience such a vast range of different moments, provided by entrepreneurship.

Iain, Game Designer:
Learning to put my trousers on properly.

Sto, Sound Engineer:
Someone once compared me to Mick Gordon (DOOM’s sound designer). I’ve not come down from that high-horse since.

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