Elido Informer No.1: Phase

Welcome to the first edition of the Elido Informer! The ONLY independent and truthful source of news operating out of the Elido system, unlike a certain group that begins with ‘Ax’ and ends in ‘iom’. But enough about barely veiled criminal enterprises. Overstep is here! While the league is still a way off, we have the delicious open-season to bite our teeth into. A free-for-all fun-fest for the mega-corporations and players to get us all excited. Okay, participation is voluntary and only three of the seven mega-corps are participating, but they’re a juicy bunch! The first one I want to cast my hungry eyes over is… drum roll please… Phase!

Not going to lie, I love these guys, but love is hard earned. If you’re not familiar, Phase used to go by Teradev Technology Amalgamated (try saying that after a few drinks of cidrofluid). Yet another bunch of corporate bullies stepping on the little guy, and the overlord at the top was Brassk Mansell, twirling his villain moustache at the top of his storm-blanketed tower on Brontes. If one good thing came of the Elido war, it was that these corporate heads lost their heads. Figuratively. They were arrested. The GSOP didn’t go around performing executions (At least not that I know of! Ahem… please don’t arrest me). With the comic villain locked up, who did we get to step in and take the reins? Someone new and fresh? No, we got Jackass-in-a-Suit 2.0… Brassk’s son… Branko Mansell… ‘hurray’ yelled a grand total of no-one.

As always with the new guy, he went about stamping his own mark on the company. He re-branded Teradev Technology Amalgamated as Phase (to the celebration of stutterers everywhere), and set about drawing up a new company code of conduct, you know, the usual soul-crushing nonsense… oh wait, what’s this? Ethical business practices? Fair treatment of employees? Fair treatment of consumers? CHARITY EVENTS?!

Okay, okay, hand-on-heart, I feared the worst, and I got it wrong. Branko Mansell has been a revelation, and is living proof that the apple does not always fall close to the tree. In fact someone drop-kicked his apple a mile away. A genuine philanthropist, at the head of a mega-corp, in this bleak day and age. Do not pinch yourself, you are not dreaming, it is real, very real. And that’s what worries me.

A raging storm surrounds Phase on all sides, and I’m not talking about the lightning clouds of Brontes. There are six other mega-corps in the Elido System and NONE of them will be liking what they’re seeing in the Phase camp. The bright-eyed idealism is nice, and I hope that Phase is not simply going through a phase. So if you’re equally bright-eyed and idealist, you might want to grab an Overbot and represent them in the games.

There’s a looming cloud in Elido, and they’re going to need all the help they can get.

-by Amanda Freeman, Writer and Editor of the Elido Informer, 3rd December 450GY.  (Don’t buy Axiom! They suck!).

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