Elido Informer No.2: Vector

What a week at the Elido Informer! A lawyer visited our offices (my cramped apartment) and slapped us with a hefty cease-and-desist letter. If I don’t want to get sued, I am forbidden from saying that Axiom are a bunch of shady gangsters with no shame or sense of journalistic impartiality, I’m also not allowed to say that Kingpin – sorry – ‘President’ Elise Zinchman is a big fat crook and a liar. So I won’t be saying any of that… ahem… this week’s corp review is VECTOR!

Everyone knows Vector, the security-obsessed mega-corp that’s been around for nearly 500 years. But do you know why they’re such staunch advocates of law and order? Well I’ll tell you, it all comes down to the day they nearly brought about the FRIGGIN’ APOCALYPSE!

Yes, the apocalypse! You see, Vector were founded by boy-genius Tannis Oram when he was only seven years old. Not satisfied with being the youngest and shortest person on the Orion 100, our wonder-kid later went on to build humanity’s first true artificial intelligence, Nill. Let me correct that, unshackled artificial intelligence. Barely six months later, Nill assumed complete control of Earth’s military systems and set about targeting our major population centres.

A rampant AI attempting to destroy its creators? We never saw that coming!” said the entire history of science-fiction writers.

Fortunately, Tannis built in a kill-switch and disposed of Nill before she could bring about the nuclear armageddon, sometimes it’s tough being a teenage father. Suffice to say, our child prodigy learned a valuable lesson, and thus the Vector we know and love(-hate) was born.

Tannis might be long dead (his weird death is another story), but Vector are still the galaxy’s champions of order, developing all our top-end security software, and manufacturing the armaments for our galaxy’s police forces. They’re also the soul exporters of Proteus’s cidrofluid (thank you Vector!). Whether you love them or hate them, Vector are a symbol of stability, they did help the GSOP end the Elido War after all (even though Vector were one of the main instigators, but, whatever, I guess…). Those that have read my thoughts on Axiom know where I fall on the Vector love-hate line, and if you too are a supporter of truth and integrity, then sign up for Vector today, they’re always willing to have players fight for them in Overstep.

-by Amanda Freeman, Writer and Editor of the Elido Informer, 17th December 450GY.  (The only newsgroup you can trust!).

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