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Game Design Updates #02 Career System part 2

Our designers are now well underway on Overstep’s career system. The design is in the last parts of production and the systems and mechanics that run through it are coming together nicely, making it feel like a coherent and fun system. Our goal when doing the career is this; each player should have a totally unique experience, should feel immersed in the day to day goings on of both professional sports leagues and e-sports leagues, and the most important of all, feel like they are a superstar or on the fast track to becoming one. But the most important one for Gamecan, is that this is totally automated with no human input required. An AI will sort match ups, offer contracts and sponsorship and will understand your goals and guide you on the path to success by analysing each minute detail of every match you play.

How much minute detail I hear you ask? We’re tracking around 220 statistics in total, like how many kills you make or the match winning points you’ve scored. The total fans you have can affect your standing, as can the money you’ve earned for your corporation. Of course when you fight another  corporation we even total up the amount of damage you have done to them! We use all these stats so we can select the corporation most suited to your play style, either at the start of the game or mid-way through it (yes, transfers are an option!). We use it for player based leaderboards so you can fight your way up to the top and be best in total kills, team mates saved, and matches won from the brink of defeat and 20 other competitive, player only ladders. These leaderboards are run for all players or players around your skill level to keep competition as tight as can be.

Of course with all of this competition, leaderboards, star players transfers between corporations, rivalries and retaliation are rife. If you accept a transfer and leave a corporation, expect them to put a bounty on your head, just the same as if you cause untold destruction to their profits or were stealing too many fans. Maybe you could be sent on a covert operation to spy on another corp or just take up life as a bounty hunter, pursuing those who damage your employer the most or turned their back for greener pastures.

We’ve had no time to cover how you earn fans or what collecting prestige could do, there is our in game messaging, sponsorship mechanics, a full system to track how the corporations feel about each other and the rivalries they are in as well as galaxy-wide random events and ones for each individual player. You can get to these events in your very own spaceship with a crew of staff, such as a mechanic (who also uses the stats generated). And lastly, theres how Gamecan and its staff will interact with the seasons and careers as they progress.

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