Hello world!

Hello, Overstep fans!  It’s been a while and we have some exciting news for you! While you are reading this post, you will realize we have a brand new kickass website. Please let us know what you think about the new design.

First of all, everything is going well! We are working REALLY hard to deliver a fun game. We are posting consistent development updates to our social channels, the most on Discord. The crew is always present to discuss and share ideas or just hang out. Join the community here: bit.ly/OverstepDiscord

Secondly, we attended Game Dev Days 2019 in Tallinn, the capital of our lovely country Estonia. 11-12 April, it will be full of business, meetings, and joy! Most importantly, we revealed Overstep for the first time to the PUBLIC! Yes, you’ve read it right. Our CEO was one of the event’s speakers, talking about managing a remote team. If you had the pleasure to attend the event, definitely share your experiences with us. Mega thanks to our lovely sponsors for the Game Dev Days 2019 – Red Bull and Mobec.  They helped visitors to check our booth, pop can of Red Bull, have a bite of amazing candies from Mobec and enjoy Overstep! Read more about our experience at GDD.

We know that you are excited to learn about the release date, and we do hope to launch Steam Early Access within 2019. It’s important to us that the game launches in a state that respects both the original vision and feedback from our testers and community.

See you soon!
Team Gamecan

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