Overstep is here and free-to-play!

We are happy to say, Overstep is now available on Steam Early Access! It’s been a long road, but we’ve finally made it. None of this could have been done without the support of our fans, those who’ve followed and believed in us, that belief has kept us going, so thank you, really… thanks.

We hope we’ve done a good enough job with the polish that everyone can enjoy the game without any real hiccups. Other than that, we’re planning on using straw polls for the features we’re going to release every two weeks. We’re confident that the first upcoming feature (2nd of Dec) doesn’t need voting and that is going to be the party system to play with your friends! That done, we’ll propose 3 options for a new feature, improvement or modification, every two weeks.

We hope you enjoy the game, and who knows, we might meet in matchmaking!

If you have any issues with the early access release or have bugs to report, please contact us through our Discord on the #support channel.

See you on the arena!
The Gamecan team

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