Elido Informer No.3: GUNN

Welcome to the third edition of the Elido Informer, and the last in our series on the Overstep mega-corporations! How time flies when you’re having fun (and dodging legal cases). Today’s subject is somewhat of an outlier when compared to the others, our final corp profile takes a look at GUNN! And no, I am not capitalising it for flair, that is genuinely how they type it. GUNN, GUNN, GUNN!

If Vector are the galaxy’s oldest heads, then GUNN are the meddling newcomers. They’re not even a hundred years old! Founded in 380GY, GUNN was formed when the GUNN Mercenary Group saved Elido from a swarm of pirates, smugglers, crime syndicates, and other never-do-wells. Their reward money was enough to buy up all the other Elido mercenary groups, as well as the small but absolutely insane mining companies that set up on Neo Charon (seriously, that planet is a giant ball of volcano, madness).

GUNN aren’t your typical mega-conglomerate, their hierarchy is less like a business and more like a para-military group, forgoing Managers for Captains, and a CEO for a Director-General. These guys are at the forefront of the industrial sector, forging durable machinery in the fires of Hell …sorry, the fires of Mount Doom …sorry, the fires of Neo Charon! And high up on those clouds of brimstone surfs their headquarters, the giant airship Iron Girder.

While they love money as much as any good mercenary, they’re also a fiercely loyal brotherhood-come-sisterhood, a ‘siblinghood’ if you will. So if you’re not looking to fight for just a corp, but for brothers and sisters in iron, then GUNN is probably a good fit for you. Go out and forge your legend.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these little profiles, I’ve had fun writing them. And don’t worry, there are still four others waiting in the wings, Tycho, IsoTX, Zero, and… hmm… what was that fourth one? Crooks? Corrupters? Ah yes, Axiom. When the time comes I’m sure we’ll take a look at them too. But in the meantime, strap into your overbots and get out there, Overstep is just getting started!

-by Amanda Freeman, Writer and Editor of the Elido Informer, 7th January 451GY.  (Genuine truth-news 24/7).

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