Major Update – NEW MAPS! NEW MENUS!

We have been working hard on this one and are psyched to finally share it with you!
The new menus will allow you to play 3 different orb runs and vote between 4 different maps for Capture the Flag.


Totally new and fresh main menu
3 different speedrun challenges
Map voting for Capture the Flag
MISSIONS page with community challenges


  • Sound for Match Found
  • Special Effect for stealing the flag


  • In lobby/menu cursor disappears and locks in place when I click on anything that isn’t interactable
  • Graphics are too bright if the settings are set to lower than Epic
  • Sometimes a “Failed to connect” message will appear and the “Searching for game” window will appear and get stuck on the screen
  • Log in rewards possibly resetting at random


This community challenge contains two perk levels, one at 250 matches, and one at 500 matches. As it’s a community challenge, ALL games matter, and everyone who contributes will earn the perk rewards. Once the community reaches 250 matches, everyone who took part will be rewarded with 500 Orion Bonds. And at 500 matches, all participants will earn the exclusive Vector Pearlshift skin! (…may or may not contain real pearls…). You have 10 days, so get Overstepping!

What’s next?

We’ll bring back the party system and finish up the text chat. After that, we will take a few weeks for general bug fixes and polish. Once that is done, our focus is on combat. For that, we are already churning out special abilities, a vast number of weapons and working on a player loadout to accommodate all of that in the coolest way possible.

Keep an eye on our Development Roadmap here:

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