Overstep lore #02 – Leonis Gateway

Private Logs of Captain Esther Beaufort, Galactic Syndicate of Planets Navy

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Game Design Updates #02 Career System part 2

Our designers are now well underway on Overstep's career system. The design is in the last parts of production and the systems and mechanics that run through it are coming together nicely, making it feel like a coherent and fun system.

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Overstep lore #01 – The Peregrine

Welcome to the first entry in our new series on lore! To kick things off, what better place to start than where it all began - let's take a look at a key decision that pushed events in motion, ultimately resulting in the Overstep Games.

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Game Design Updates #01 Career System

Making video games is so much about constant iteration. Plan, prototype, test, plan again. It's an eternal loop of over-caffeinated game designers and heavy breathing programmers. Okay, it's not THAT bad. Still, you can pretty much always improve things - this is the first post of a series providing insight to some of our major game design updates and the reasoning behind them.

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